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Add actions to the legacy chat window menu

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Add actions to the legacy chat window menu

You can create new actions and add them to the chat window menu.


  1. Navigate to Social IT > Chat Administration > Actions.
  2. Select an action to edit or click New.
  3. Enter the chat action details and click Update or Submit.


The following example demonstrates how to add a chat action that appears only on windows where the user is a Help Desk Agent. The action appears on the menu as Show User Type and opens a popup window that indicates a current user of queue_agent.

  • Action Name: Show User Type
  • Active: Select the check box.
  • Order: 100
  • Client Show Condition:
    answer = g_chat.getChatType() == 'queue_agent';
  • OnClick Action Script:
    alert('The current user is: ' + g_chat.getChatType());
Chat Action Definition
Window Menu Item