List of Orchestration plugins

This table lists all plugins available for Orchestration and their dependencies.

These Orchestration plugins are available for purchase or can be requested as part of your Orchestration subscription. Contact your account representative for details.
Name Description Dependencies
Orchestration [com.snc.runbook_automation] Main plugin for the Orchestration feature. This plugin extends Workflow to automate operations with external systems. Use this plugin to orchestrate business services, applications, and infrastructure.This plugin automates operations such as deployments, configurations, and information gathering. Orchestration can automate Web Services and uses MID Servers to execute commands on devices inside an enterprise's network.
  • Orchestration - ROI
  • Orchestration - Runtime
Orchestration - Active Directory [] Installs the Active Directory activity pack. These activities create, delete, and manage objects in Windows Active Directory. Orchestration
Orchestration - Asset Lease Management [com.snc.orchestration.asset_lease_management] Provides the software lease functionality for Client Software Distribution. Allows users to select the start and end dates of software leases and to request an extension of a lease.
Note: This plugin is not automatically enabled when Orchestration is active.
Orchestration - Azure Active Directory [] Installs the Azure AD activity pack. These activities automate employee onboarding and offboarding functions on Azure Active Directory and manage Office 365 licensing. Orchestration
Orchestration - Client Software Distribution [com.snc.orchestration.client_sf_distribution] Allows the distribution of software from the service catalog using third party management systems, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Note: This plugin is not automatically enabled when Orchestration is active.
  • Orchestration - System Center Configuration Manager
  • Orchestration - Asset Lease Management
  • Service Catalog Scoped API
  • Software Asset Management
Orchestration - Exchange [] Installs the Exchange activity pack. These activities manage Microsoft Exchange mail systems. Orchestration
Orchestration - F5 network management [com.snc.orchestration.f5] Installs the F5 Network Management activity pack. These activities configure elements of an F5 load balancer, including pools, pool members, and the virtual servers contained in the pool. Orchestration
Orchestration - Infoblox DDI Activity Pack [com.snc.orchestration.infoblox] Installs the Infoblox DDI activity pack. These activities support Infoblox DDI management. Orchestration
Orchestration - PowerShell [com.snc.orchestration.powershell] Installs the PowerShell activity pack. These activities control and automate the administration of Windows machines and applications, using the Windows .NET Framework. Orchestration
Orchestration - Probe [com.snc.orchestration.probe] Installs the Probe activity pack. These activities run ServiceNow®probes on target hosts to return specific information. Orchestration
Orchestration - ROI [com.snc.runbook_automation.roi] Installs an Orchestration application that estimates savings resulting from automated tasks in an instance and computes actual savings. Orchestration - ROI is activated automatically with a base Orchestration subscription.
  • Performance Analytics
  • Cost Management
Orchestration - ROI Premium [com.snc.runbook_automation.roi_premium] Installs a premium dashboard that displays detailed reports on calculated savings for automated tasks over time. The Orchestration - ROI Premium plugin requires purchase and activation of the Performance Analytics - Premium plugin to display its reports.
Note: This plugin is not automatically enabled when Orchestration is active.
  • Orchestration - ROI
  • Performance Analytics - Premium
Orchestration - Runtime [com.snc.runbook_automation.runtime] Enables other applications on the ServiceNow® platform to distribute and use orchestration content without requiring an Orchestration subscription. The Orchestration - Runtime plugin displays the Orchestration activities shipped with these applications in the Workflow Editor and allows customers to modify the activities without requiring an Orchestration license.
  • Workflow Runtime Engine
  • Core Automation
Orchestration - SFTP [com.snc.orchestration.sftp] Installs the SFTP File Transfer activity pack. These activities manage files and directories on an SFTP server and move files from one SFTP server to another. Orchestration
Orchestration - SSH [com.snc.orchestration.ssh] Installs the SSH activity pack. These activities read, write, and copy files, and reset user passwords on Linux computers. Orchestration
Orchestration - System Center Configuration Manager [com.snc.orchestration.sccm_mgnt] Installs the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) activity pack. These activities manage software deployments and collections on an SCCM server. Orchestration
Orchestration - Workday [com.snc.orchestration.workday] Installs the Workday Orchestration activity pack. These activities change and return employee information from Workday. Orchestration