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View and edit legacy Notify properties

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View and edit legacy Notify properties

You can view and edit Notify properties.

Before you begin

Role required: notifynow_admin

About this task

This content applies only to the Legacy Notify application, available prior to the Geneva release. For information about the Notify application available starting with Geneva, see Notify.


  1. Navigate to Notify > Administration > Properties.
    Figure 1. Notify Properties form
  2. Fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Notify Properties form
    Field Description
    Account Status Information showing the status of the associated Twilio account.
    Twilio AccountSID The Twilio account AccountSID, acting as the user name for that account.
    Twilio AuthToken The Twilio account AuthToken, acting as the password for that account. See Associating a Twilio Account.
    Twilio SMS and voice enabled phone number The Twilio number that Notify will use. Telephone numbers must be entered in the E.164 format and need to exist under the Twilio account. See Associating a Twilio Account.
    Number of frequent conference call participants to be displayed The number of people to display in the frequently called list.
    Voice The voice used for Notify communications. Select woman or man to provide female or male voice support for English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Select alice to provide female voice support for a wider range of languages.
  3. Click Submit.