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View Legacy Notify conversations

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View Legacy Notify conversations

The Notify Conversation [notifynow_conversation] table tracks bi-directional communications and adds the ability to have more than one active conversation with the same phone number at the same time.

Before you begin

Role required: notifynow_admin

About this task

This content applies only to the Legacy Notify application, available prior to the Geneva release. For information about the Notify application available starting with Geneva, see Notify.

The thread number is combined with the phone number to link the SMS or email response to the correct conversation. Conversations remain active until a response is received or until they are automatically deactivated after the thread release time runs out. The default thread release time is 10 days. To change this value, add the nn.thread.release.age property.


  1. Navigate to Notify > Conversations.
  2. Click a conversation record to see the conversation details.
    Figure 1. Notify Conversation Details
    The State of the conversation can have one of the following values:
    Table 1. Notify Conversation State Descriptions
    Value Description
    Ended The conversation has been completed.
    Failed The conversation has failed.
    Pending The SMS or email is waiting to be sent.
    Sent The SMS or email has been sent.
    Unanswered The SMS or email has not been answered.
    Note: The mode of conversation cannot be changed during one conversation thread. For example, you cannot switch between SMS and email during one conversation.