Configure applications included in ALL Applications

You can narrow down the list of applications that are included in the definition of ALL.

Before you begin

Role required: agent_admin or admin

About this task

You can specify the ALL application for a MID Server, which means that the MID Server is allowed work with any of the applications that require MID Servers, such as Discovery, Event Management, Service Mapping, and so on. But you might not want all applications to be included in the definition of ALL. For example, you might want to exude Service Mapping from all the ALL definition if you already have a dedicated MID Server to work with Service Mapping.


  1. Navigate to MID Server > Applications.
    The list of installed applications that can use MID Servers appear.
  2. If you do not see the Included in application ALL column, you can personalize the list and add it.
    Figure 1. Included in application ALL
    Included in application ALL
  3. For each application, double-click the value in the Included in application ALL column.
  4. Change the value to true (to include) or false (to exclude).