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Configure MID Server connection prerequisites

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Configure MID Server connection prerequisites

You must perform several prerequisite tasks to allow the MID Server to connect to the instance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Configure the network to allow MID Server network connectivity to the ServiceNow instance over TCP port 443.
  2. Configure basic authentication for SOAP communications with the ServiceNow instance.
  3. Navigate to System Web Services > Scripted Web Services > Scripted SOAP Services.
  4. Confirm that the following web services are active:
    • GetMIDInfo
    • InstanceInfo
    • MIDAssignedPackages
    • MIDFieldForFileProvider
    • MIDFileSyncSnapshot
    • MIDServerCheck
    • MIDServerFileProvider
  5. Type sys_public.list in the navigation search field and press Enter.
    The Public Pages record list appears.
  6. Verify that the InstanceInfo public page is active, to allow the MID Server to validate its version.
  7. Make sure that the MID Server computer can access