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MID Server IMidServerEncrypter interface

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MID Server IMidServerEncrypter interface

Use the methods in this interface to create a custom external encrypter for the MID Server config.xml file.

Note: These methods are contained in the snc-automation-api.jar file, located in the MID Server installation folder.


This method initializes the encrypter with additional configuration parameters and does not return a value.
Table 1. Example
void intialize(java.util.Properties properties)
        throws java.lang.Exception
Table 2. Parameters
Parameter Description
properties Initialization properties.
Table 3. Exception


This method encrypts the unencrypted data and returns a byte[ ] type value.
Table 4. Example
byte[] encrypt(byte[] unencryptedData)
        throws java.lang.Exception
Table 5. Parameters
Parameter Description
unencryptedData The data unencrypted.
Table 6. Returns
Encrypted data
Table 7. Exception


This method decrypts encrypted data and returns a byte[ ] type value.
Table 8. Example
byte[] decrypt(byte[] encryptedData)
        throws java.lang.Exception
Table 9. Parameters
Parameters Description
encryptedData The data decrypted.
Table 10. Returns
Decrypted data.
Table 11. Exception