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Managed Document features

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Managed Document features

Managed Documents is a lightweight, ITIL-based solution for creating and managing electronic documents within your instance.

This application adds a layer of control around any document by providing workflow, storage, security, and categorization options. It can be used for a variety of internal documents, such as policies and procedures, compliance documentation, and knowledge articles. Because it is integrated within the instance, Managed Documents offers a seamless alternative to 3rd-party systems.

Table 1. Features
Feature Description
Check-in/Check-out Track revisions, approval history, and automated notifications for approvers and reviewers. Useful for compliance and risk authors, policy and procedure writers, and contract administrators.
Categorization Classify documents for organization and search.
Access control Share documents with selected users.
Revision control Track changes to documents.
Digital signature for approval Integration with the Approval with E-Signature plugin.
Workflow Support consistent content review and approval.
Security Use high security setting.