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Select a knowledge article category

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Select a knowledge article category

Knowledge articles within a knowledge base are grouped by category. These groups can help you define the knowledge base taxonomy, and can help users find articles within that knowledge base.

About this task

As a knowledge contributor, when editing a knowledge article you can select categories using the Category picker, and add or edit categories if enabled for the knowledge base.


  1. Click the reference lookup icon beside the Category field.
  2. Select an existing category, or click the add category icon (+) to add a new category.
    After you select a category, you can click the pen icon to rename that category. Press the enter key or click outside the selected category to save the change.
    Note: Clicking Cancel while selecting a category cancels selecting a new category, but does not revert any changes you make to the categories such as renaming or adding new categories.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
  4. (Optional) Select or add a subcategory.
  5. Click OK.