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Pin a knowledge article

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Pin a knowledge article

You can pin a knowledge article to appear in the Featured content section of the knowledge homepage and at the top of knowledge search results page.

Before you begin

Role required: knowledge_manager, knowledge_admin, or admin

About this task

Pinning associates an article to specific keywords. You can search a keyword in the knowledge service portal or search results page to display articles in the Featured content section or at the top of the knowledge search results list.
Note: The articles added to the Featured content section do not appear in the global search results and Virtual Agent conversations.
  • To display articles in the Featured content section, add a default keyword in the glide.knowman.default_keyword property Value field and add the same keyword to all articles you want to display in that section.
  • To display articles at the top of the knowledge search results list, add a list of keywords to each article you want to display at the top of the list.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Knowledge Bases.
  2. Select a knowledge base.
  3. In the Featured content related list, click New.
  4. In the Knowledge field, search for and select the desired article.
  5. In the Keywords field, click the lock/unlock toggle icon.
  6. Click the lookup icon to open the Knowledge keywords list.
    Note: Each keyword must be a single word and cannot contain spaces.
  7. Select the keyword to add for this article.
    • Add the default keyword to display this article in the Featured content section during search.
    • Add all related keywords for the article to display it at the top of the knowledge search results page during search.
    Note: You can create knowledge keywords, if it does not already exist in the list, and then add it to the article.
  8. Click the lock/unlock toggle icon to add the keywords to the article.
  9. Click Submit.