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Revert an outdated article to the current state

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Revert an outdated article to the current state

Use an outdated version of an article to create a new version.

Before you begin

Roles required: knowledge base owner, knowledge_manager, knowledge_admin

About this task

This action is available for earlier published version that have a state of Outdated and only when there is no checked out version. If a version has been checked out, the Make this current button does not appear on the Knowledge form header.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Articles > All.
  2. Open an article in the Outdated state.
  3. Click Make this current in the Knowledge form header.
    The system displays the Knowledge form. The version number increments to the latest version number plus 0.01 and the state changes to Draft. For example, if the latest published version of an article is 3.0 and you select the outdated 1.0 version to become the current version, the version number increments to 3.01.