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Edit a knowledge article

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Edit a knowledge article

Knowledge contributors can edit/update knowledge articles within a knowledge base to update information shared across your organization.

Before you begin

Role required: knowledge

About this task

Users with at least one role can edit knowledge. These users are known as knowledge contributors. Users without any role can read articles and submit feedback, but cannot edit articles.

However, Knowledge managers can configure User Criteria to restrict access to certain Knowledge bases. For example, only members of the IT department can create or edit knowledge articles in the IT knowledge base, such as desktop support information or articles describing company IT processes.

Note: If you have user criteria "Can contribute" permission for the specified knowledge base, but are not the article author, and do not have a knowledge base admin or manager role: The installed Knowledge Management Advanced Installer plugin requires the glide.knowman.versioning.enabled property (from the System Property [sys_properties] table) to be set to false to enable you to be able to make changes to unpublished articles within the knowledge base.

Edit an article using one of these options.

  • Edit published/unpublished articles with Versioning enabled:
    1. Navigate to Knowledge > Articles
    2. Select an article from the Published or Unpublished category.
    3. From the article, click Checkout and edit the article.
    4. To save changes to:
      • an unpublished article, and to publish it at the same time, click Publish.
      • a published article, or to save changes to an unpublished article without publishing it, click Update.
  • Edit published articles from the Knowledge homepage or Service Portal:
    1. Navigate to one of the following modules:
      • Self-Service > Knowledge
      • Knowledge > Homepage
      • Knowledge Service Portal homepage
    2. From the Knowledge homepage, search for and select the article to edit.
    3. From the article, click Edit, then from the Knowledge form record, edit the desired editable fields.
      Button for editing an article from the Knowledge Service Portal
    4. Click Update to save changes.

What to do next

If you edited an unpublished article, any additional steps required to publish an article, such as approvals, depend on the publishing workflow for the knowledge base.