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Configure a user action for the article view page

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Configure a user action for the article view page

Configure a user action for the Knowledge Management Service Portal article view page.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The article view page uses the Knowledge Article Content widget to provide user actions. Use the widget instance options to customize these actions.

Ensure that the application scope on the Now Platform is set to Knowledge Management Service Portal.

User actions available for the article view page appear in a menu after clicking the overflow icon (Overflow icon) in the article header. These actions enable users to flag an article, edit an article, or create an incident for an article.


  1. Navigate to the Knowledge Management Service Portal article view page.
  2. Control + right-click the article header.
  3. Click Instance Options.
  4. Configure the desired settings for the Knowledge Article Content widget.
    Instance option Description
    Bootstrap color The color of the widget header.
    CSS See widget CSS for details.
    Hide All Actions Hides the user actions in the article header including the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button and the overflow icon.
    Show Version Information Displays version information for the selected article. Requires the Knowledge Management Advanced plugin (com.snc.knowledge_advanced).
    Show Create Incident Action Displays the Create Incident user action when a user clicks the overflow icon in the article header.
    Create Incident Action Label The label for the user action that appears in the overflow icon menu. The default is Create Incident.
    Create Incident Action URL The target URL for the Create Incident user action.

    If no URL is specified, the system uses the URL in the glide.knowman.create_incident_link system property.

  5. Click Save.