Configure sort widget instance options

Configure widget instance options for the knowledge sort widget on the Knowledge Management Service Portal search results page.

Before you begin

Role required: knowledge_admin or admin

About this task

The search results page uses the Knowledge Result Sort widget to provide sort options for the returned list of results. Use the widget instance options to customize the sort options.


  1. Navigate to the Knowledge Management Service Portal search results page.
  2. Control + right-click the sort options at the top of the results list.
  3. Click Instance Options.
  4. Configure the desired settings for the sort widget.
    Instance option Description
    Bootstrap color The color of the search widget.
    CSS See widget CSS for details.
    Hide Relevancy Removes the relevancy sort option.
    Table The table that contains the fields used to sort the list of knowledge items. The default table is Knowledge.
    Sort Fields The fields used for sorting the list of knowledge items.
    Sort Field Labels The labels for the fields that appear in the sort options. The default is Views:desc,Newest:desc,Alphabetical.

    The sort order for the sort field labels is ascending. To use a descending order, denote :desc.

  5. Click Save.