Knowledge Management Service Portal filtering

Filter knowledge base information or a list of search results using the filter facet widgets on the search results page.

The search results page includes multiple ways to filter the results using filter facet widgets. These widgets are listed in a column on the left side of the page and can be expanded and collapsed as needed. Refine results by expanding a filter and selecting specific items. Selections appear at the top of the search results list. By default, you can filter by:
  • Knowledge Base: lists the available knowledge bases
  • Category: lists the available knowledge categories
  • Author: lists the names of the authors for the knowledge articles included in the search results list
  • Tags: lists the knowledge tags for the items in the search results list.
  • Resource: lists the types of items available, such as knowledge articles and social Q&A. For social Q&A, you can also filter for unanswered and answered questions, and question with answers that have been accepted.
  • Rating: lists article ratings from 0-5 stars (clicking a rating displays articles that have the selected rating and higher)
  • Last Modified: lists selections based on the timing of knowledge item modifications such as Past Month or Past Week
  • View Count: lists the knowledge item view counts such as More Than 50 or Less Than 10
The selections that you make filter the items displayed in the search results list. The search results list updates to display only those items that match your selections. Deleting a selection reverses the filtering in the list. The number of matching results displayed at the top of the list changes as you add and remove filters.
Clear filter selections in the following ways:
  • The Clear button at the top of a filter widget clears all of the selections in that widget.
  • The Clear all button at the top of the search results list clears all of the widget selections.
  • Clear individual filters at the top of the search results list by clicking the X in the filter name.