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Knowledge Management guide for users

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Knowledge Management guide for users

After knowledge bases are set up, you can start searching and creating articles. If Social Q&A was activated for the knowledge base, you can also submit answers or answer questions for other users.


Role required

None. All users can read, create, and edit knowledge articles in a knowledge base, unless the knowledge manager has restricted access to it.

If you need these permissions, contact the knowledge manager for the knowledge base.

What to do

Create knowledge articles
If you have the required permissions for a knowledge base, you can create articles for it. You can create articles from the Self-Service application menu or by importing Word documents.

You can also create knowledge articles from incidents and problems.

Search for knowledge articles
From the Knowledge homepage, you can select a knowledge base to search for articles and answers. You can view only the knowledge bases to which you have access.

You can also search knowledge from within an incident.

Access to knowledge using your mobile device is supported.

Ask and answer questions
If Social Q&A was activated for a knowledge base, you can ask and answer questions. You can also browse and vote on answers.

Next steps

After articles are created, you can perform the following tasks to make sure that articles are organized in the right knowledge bases and retired when appropriate. If existing knowledge bases do not fit your needs, you can request a new knowledge base.