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Knowledge Management Service Portal search results page

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Knowledge Management Service Portal search results page

The Knowledge Management Service Portal search results page displays a list of search results as well as options for sorting and filtering the items in the list.

Figure 1. Knowledge Service Portal search results page
Knowledge Service Portal search results page
The Knowledge Management Service Portal search results page includes the following:
Search results list
The search results list includes knowledge articles, pinned articles, and social Q&A items. For knowledge articles, the search results include articles in which the short description, text content, or attached file content includes the search term. For social Q&A items, search results include answered and unanswered questions, and questions with accepted answers. The following information displays for each list item:
  • The article short description or the question.
  • The knowledge base in which the item is stored.
  • The first two lines of text from the article or question or surrounding the relevant keywords from your search.
  • Information about the item such as the author name, the number of views, and rating information.
  • An icon that represents the type of item.
Search results list header
The header displays the number of search results, which updates as the user selects and de-selects filters. Selected filter options appear just below the number of search results. The header also includes the available sort options.
Filter facet widgets
A number of filter facet widgets appear to the left of the search results list. Each filter facet widget includes a list of selectable options that can be used to refine the search results.
  • Knowledge Base: lists the available knowledge bases
  • Category: lists the available knowledge categories
  • Author: lists the names of the authors for the knowledge articles included in the search results list
  • Tags: lists the available knowledge tags
  • Resource: lists the types of items available, such as knowledge articles and social Q&A
  • Rating: lists article ratings from 0-5 stars (clicking a rating displays articles that have the selected rating and higher)
  • Last Modified: lists selections based on the timing of knowledge item modifications such as Past Month or Past Week
  • View Count: lists the knowledge item view counts such as More Than 50 or Less Than 10. Set the number of days to consider when calculating view count using the glide.knowman.view_age.days property.

Using the search results page

From the Knowledge Service Portal homepage, you can do the following.
Action Description
Perform a search Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for additional information.
Sort the search results Click a sort option in the search results list header to sort list items by relevance to the search term, number of views, newest, or alphabetical. Items are sorted in ascending order. Click the option again to sort in descending order.
Filter the search results Select options in the filter facet widgets to filter the items in the search results list. Clear selected filter options by:
  • Deleting a single option from the search results list header.
  • Clicking Clear all in the search results list header.
  • Clicking Clear in the filter facet widget header.