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Using Aliases

Define an alias to label a credential or connection record.

An alias defines a label to a connection and credential record, or a label to just a credential record. It extends from the sys_metadata table and requires the admin role. The credential_admin and connection_admin have read access to sys_alias. This alias contains:
Name of the alias.
This field is based on the format "scope name.alias name" Unique index on ID to ensure unique record based on scope name + name. If the scope is global, the ID is the alias name.
You can select either 'Credential' or 'Connection and Credential'. The default is Connection and Credential.
Connection type
There are three connection types: HTTP, JDBC, JMS. The default is HTTP.
If you create a workday alias in global scope, the ID is set to workday.
If you create a workday alias in the HR app scope, the ID is set to 'x_hr_app.workday'.
  • Name can only contain alphabets, numbers, and underscore.
  • During an upgrade to Kingston, the tag in credential record migrates to a Connection & Credential Alias. If the credential tag contains special characters other than alphabets, numbers, and underscores, the tag name is preserved after the upgrade. You can still use this migrated alias, but you cannot update the alias until you change the name to meet the naming restrictions.

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