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Search saved queries

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Search saved queries

The CMDB Query Builder allows you to search for a specific saved query using any combination of search criteria based on the query's title, type, custom tags, and who created or updated the query.

Before you begin

To locate a saved query using a Query Tags search criteria, the query must have a query tag associated with it. For more information see Build a CMDB query using the CMDB Query Builder, or Build a Service Mapping query using the CMDB Query Builder.

The UI16 plugin (com.glide.ui.ui16) must be activated.

Role required: cmdb_query_builder (contained for itil and asset)


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CMDB Query Builder.
  2. In the Search Saved Queries box on the Saved Queries tab, enter a string to search for.
    The resulting list displays all search categories that can be applied using the search string.
  3. Select an item from the list to add it as a search criteria.
  4. Refine the search string or select additional search criteria as needed.