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Run a partial CMDB query

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Run a partial CMDB query

You can run a partial query in the CMDB Query Builder by defining a section of a query, and then running it.

Before you begin

The UI16 plugin (com.glide.ui.ui16) must be activated.

Role required: cmdb_query_builder (contained for itil and asset)

About this task

While building a query or reviewing a saved query, you can run only a section of the query. On the canvas in the CMDB Query Builder, highlight a section of the query which contains the nodes and relationships of the partial query that you want to run. You can then examine the results of the partial query, and update the query if needed.


  1. Navigate to Configuration and click CMDB Query Builder.
  2. On the CMDB Query Builder page, click a tile to open an existing query.
  3. Click the selection tool under the navigation tool to switch to a section selection mode.
  4. Border a section of the query:
    1. Click the mouse device on the upper left corner of the section that you want to create.
    2. Drag the mouse device to the bottom right corner of the section that you want to create. As you drag the mouse device, the selected section is highlight in light blue.
    3. Release the mouse device. The query nodes that are included in the partial query, appear with a blue border.
  5. Click Run.
  6. In the Pick Starting Node dialog box, select the starting node for the partial query, and click Confirm.


The results of the partial query appear in the Results pane.