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Define a non-allowed operational transition

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Define a non-allowed operational transition

Define a restriction for CI Lifecycle Management in which a specified CI cannot transition from one operational state to another.

About this task

By default, CI Lifecycle Management has no restrictions for transitioning CIs from one operational state to another. You can restrict this behaviour by defining transitions that are not allowed for a specified CI. For example, you can define a restriction on transitioning a Linux server from non-operational state to repair in progress state.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CI Lifecycle Management > Not Allowed Operational Transitions.
  2. On the Not Allowed Operational Transitions page, click New and fill out the form.
    Field Description
    CI Type The CI type for which the restriction applies.
    Not Allowed Transition The CI state into which transitioning is restricted.
    Operational State The operational state that the CI must be in for the restriction to apply.


If an API attempts to transition a CI that is in the specified operational state to a state that is not allowed, the operation fails and an error is logged.