Create identification inclusion rule

You can narrow the scope of CIs that are included in the identification process by creating identification inclusion rules. If any identification inclusion rules exist, then they are automatically used also by the CMDB Health duplicate metric, in the same manner that health inclusion rules are used for other metrics.

Before you begin

Role required: itil has read access, itil_admin (on top of itil) has full access.

About this task

During duplication detection of independent CIs, the identification engine processes only the CIs that satisfy the identification inclusion rules. For example, you can include only CIs whose operational state is operational. When no identification inclusion rules exist, all CIs are included in the identification process and in the CMDB Health duplicate metric calculations. In the base system, there are no predefined identification inclusion rules. Identification inclusion rules are defined at the class level.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CI Class Manager.
  2. Click Hierarchy to display the CI Classes list. Select the class for which to create an identification inclusion rule.
  3. In the class navigation bar, expand Class Info and then click Identification.
  4. In the Inclusion Rule (Advanced) section, click Add to create a rule or select an existing rule to edit. Fill out the details in the Create Inclusion Rule dialog box.
  5. In the Create Inclusion Rules dialog box, specify a criteria in the Active record condition field. CIs must meet this criteria to be included in the identification process and in the duplicate CMDB Health metric.
  6. Click Save.