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Create a schedule for a CMDB query

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Create a schedule for a CMDB query

Schedule a CMDB query to run once at a scheduled time or on a recurring schedule, and to email the query results to specified users.

Before you begin

The UI16 plugin (com.glide.ui.ui16) must be activated and a saved CMDB query that was built in the CMDB Query Builder must exist.

Role required: cmdb_query_builder (contained for itil and asset)

About this task

The query results are attached to the email as a file in the specified format. By default, the maximum result rows that can be attached is 10,000. This is controlled by a system property.


  1. If need to, navigate to Configuration, click CMDB Query Builder, and then click a saved query.
  2. Click Create Schedule and fill out the form.
    Table 1. Scheduled Email of Query Builder form
    Field Description
    Query The query to run.

    Users who should receive query results email.

    To receive emails, users must have an Email address defined and have Notifications set to Enable in their user records.

    Groups Groups to email the query results to.
    Zip output Indicates whether the report should be sent as a zip file.
    Active Indicates whether to run the query according to the specified schedule.
    Run Frequency for running the query.
    Time Time of day to run the query.
    Conditional Indicates whether to display the Condition field, which allows you to specify conditions under which the query runs.
    Omit if not records Indicate whether to distribute email if the query returns zero results.
    Email addresses Email addresses of users who should receive the email but who are not in the system.
    Subject Text that appears in the subject line of the distribution email.
    Introductory message Additional message that is delivered with the query results.

    User-created script that checks for certain conditions to be true before running the query.

    This field is visible only when Conditional is checked.

    Type File format to use for the query results.
    Note: Configure the form layout to add this field to the form.