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Settings in CMDB Query Builder

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Settings in CMDB Query Builder

Use settings to control some aspects of the CMDB Query Builder behavior.

The UI16 plugin (com.glide.ui.ui16) must be activated.

Open the Query Builder Settings dialog box:
  1. Navigate to Configuration and click CMDB Query Builder.
  2. On the CMDB Query Builder page, click the (Settings) icon.
  3. Click the Settings icon again to close the dialog box.
Setting Description
Display Relationships in Results Enable to display the relationship between CIs in the query results.
Display Suggested Connections Enable to filter the class hierarchy in the left pane to display only classes that the selected class on the canvas has a relationship with. You can then drag any class from the filtered list to the canvas, and connect it to the selected class on the canvas.

This setting applies only to CMDB queries.