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Useful related lists in CI forms

Useful related lists in CI forms

By default, the forms that display manageable configuration items (CI) - computers, printers, network gear, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and power distribution units (PDU) - provide a number of related lists for the form.

The following related lists are common to all forms for manageable CIs.
  • Network Adapters - Displays all the NICs installed on a CI.
  • CI IPs - Displays all the IP addresses on this CI:
    • Computers (workstations, laptops using various Mac and Windows operating systems)
    • Windows servers
    • Linux servers
    • AIX servers
    • Solaris servers
    • Devices discovered through SNMP.
  • DNS Names for CIs - Displays all the DNS names on a CI.
The IP version information appears in all IP address related lists and forms.
Note: Since all paths here click into the IP Address to DNS Names list that associates an IP address with a DNS name, this part of the common flow was not added to the tree structure.

Discovery source

A table called Source [sys_object_source] stores information identifying the source of a discovery (by ServiceNow Discovery or another product), the ID of that source, and the date/time of the last scan. To view this information, configure a CI form and add the Sources related list. This table is populated automatically when the Discovery plugin is enabled.