Use the Desired State Overview module

The Desired State Overview module displays various desired state reports.

  1. Navigate to Compliance > Desired State > Overview.
  2. Move or add reports where needed.
  3. Click elements within the reports to obtain more information.
    The Desired State Overview Module in the base system contains these reports:
    • Upcoming Desired State Audits: All scheduled audits.
    • Outstanding Desired State Tasks: All follow-on tasks in the Pending, Open, or Work in Progress state.
    • Hierarchical Task Roll Up: All follow-on tasks grouped by Assigned to user.
    • Desired State Discrepancies: All audit discrepancies for attributes and relationships.
    • 30/60/90 Day Task Aging: All outstanding follow-on tasks grouped by age in 30-day increments.
    Desired state overview