Manage Certification template versions

You can view and manage all versions of a template from the Template form.

  1. Open any version of a template.
    The Other Versions related list displays all other versions of this template, both active and inactive.
  2. Click any version in the related list to display the record for that version.
  3. Update the template to create a new version. The system increments a version of the template when you edit any field except Description and Active. You can manage the template versions without returning to the list view.
    Figure 1. Other Templates
    Other templates
  4. To make an inactive template the current version, open that version, edit it if desired, and then click Revert.
    Figure 2. Revert Template
    Revert template
    This action does:
    • Deactivates the previously active version of the template.
    • Copies the inactive template.
    • Makes the new copy the current, active version.
  5. Select the Audits related list to view all audits configured to use this template.
    Figure 3. Template Audits Related List
    Template Audits related list
  6. Click New to create a new audit record with the template selection and table pre-populated.