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Clone a widget

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Clone a widget

Take advantage of existing code by cloning and editing an existing widget.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or sp_admin

About this task

Note: Base system widgets are read only so you can benefit from future updates. To make changes, you can clone base system widgets. However, cloned widgets are considered custom and do not benefit from future updates to the widgets they were cloned from.


  1. Open the Widget Editor in the Service Portal Configuration page, then select an existing widget from the Select a widget list. For example, select Hello World 2.
  2. From the list menu in the widget header, click Clone "Hello World 2".
    Figure 1. Clone a widget
    Clone a Widget form
  3. Enter a name for the cloned widget. The widget ID is created automatically based on the widget name.
  4. (Optional) Select Create test page to automatically create a page containing the widget.
  5. Use the check boxes to show or hide the different components of the widget editor as needed. Make changes to the HTML Template, CSS, client script, server script, or the link function.
    Figure 2. Hello World 2 clone
    Hello World 2 widget cloned and edited to say "Hola, mundo"
  6. In order to enable a preview of your widget, use Enable Preview from the menu. Use the eye icon that appears to show or hide a preview of your widget.

What to do next

If you clone a widget that uses the Angular ng-template, you must manually clone the template and change the name of the template reference in the widget.

For example, the header menu widget uses the Angular ng-template menuTemplate. If you clone the header menu widget, you must also clone the menuTemplate and give the clone a unique name. When you open the clone of the header menu widget, you can see a reference to the menuTemplate in the HTML.

Figure 3. menuTemplate in header widget HTML
ng-template called menuTemplate highlighted and changed to menuTemplateCopy in header menu widget HTML