Typeahead Search widget

Predictive search feature that shows words as users type.

Figure 1. Typeahead Search widget
Typeahead Search widget
Figure 2. Typeahead search instance options
Instance options for typeahead search including title, limit, and search sources
Table 1. Instance option fields
Field Description
Title The name or words that appear in the search field before a user starts typing. For example, search or what are you looking for
Color Whether the search button beside the search field is filled in or not
Glyph The icon that appears in the search field beside the widget. The search icon is the default. To use a different icon, type the name of the icon in the field, for example search-plus. For a list of icons to choose from, open the instance options for the Icon Link widget.
Size Determines the font size and height of the widget. Choose from xs, sm, md, and lg.
Limit The number of typeahead search entries you want to display. The default number is 15.
Contextual Search Sources Limit the results available in the typeahead search by only configuring specific search sources. For example, users searching in the Service Catalog only see results for the Service Catalog when that search sources is configure. For more information on contextual search, see Configure contextual search