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SC Order Guide widget

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SC Order Guide widget

Use this widget (widget-sc-order-guide-v2) to request an order guide, that is, a single service catalog request for several catalog items with a specific purpose.

Configure order guides using the Service Catalog in the platform UI by navigating to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Order Guides.

The order guide form comprises the following sections:

Describe Needs

This section displays the following that are associated with the order guide:

  • Image
  • Description
  • Variables

Choose Options

This section displays a list of catalog items included in the order guide based on the information provided in the Describe Needs section and the rule base configured for the order guide. Each catalog item is displayed with its name and description on an accordion.

Each accordion displays:
  • Options, if a catalog item has fields that need user inputs.
    Note: If the fields are mandatory, a red asterisk is displayed beside Options.
  • A toggle to include the catalog item in the order guide request. You can make it mandatory to include all items in the order guide request by not displaying the toggle. You can make it optional to include items in the order guide request by displaying the toggle. To display the toggle for each catalog item of the order guide, select the Show Include Toggle (Service Portal) check box while configuring the order guide. For more information, see Create an order guide .
    Note: When an item is excluded from the order guide request, the item is not editable and the corresponding mandatory field restrictions are ignored.


This section provides a summary of the order guide that you can review before requesting the order guide.

Instance options

Use the widget instance options to customize the settings for the SC Order Guide widget. To customize the settings for this widget, press the Ctrl key, click on the widget, and select Instance Options.

Table 1. Instance options for the SC Order Guide widget
Field Description
Title Name of the order guide.
Bootstrap Color Color of the widget based on the selections made in the Branding Editor.
Compact Mode Displays the widget in the compact mode when configured for smaller real estates (less than 6*6).
Other Options
Enable Show More/Less for Item description on Mobile Enables the Show more or Show less options for the description of the order guide or the associated catalog items in the mobile view. By default, the Show more option is available.
  • Click Show more to display the entire description.
  • Click Show less to display only 150 characters of the description.
Note: This instance option is applicable for the description of the order guide in the Describe Needs section, and the description of the associated catalog items in the Choose Options section.