Enable the Shopping Cart widget

The shopping cart widget is enabled automatically for instances upgrading to Istanbul, however, there are several ways to manually enable or disable the widget.

To enable the shopping cart for a catalog item:
  1. Navigate to a catalog item on the Service Catalog page in Service Portal.
  2. CTRL+right-click a catalog item widget to open the widget instance options.
  3. Select or clear the Show Add Cart Button option to enable or disable the shopping cart for that particular catalog item.
Figure 1. Catalog item cart option
Catalog item widget with the shopping cart item selected
To enable to shopping cart in the portal header:
  1. From the Service Portal configuration page, select the Portal editor.
  2. Select the SP Header Menu in the portal hierarchy.
  3. In the Additional options section, make sure the enable cart value is set to true. Set the value to false to hide the shopping cart.
Figure 2. Shopping cart in the header menu
Header menu with shopping cart value set to true in the additional options section