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Configure page security by role

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Configure page security by role

Set up pages to be public or filter them by role.

Public pages won't require a user login; anyone can access them. All other options require user authentication.

To manage your page security:
  1. In the Service Portal configuration page (Service Portal > Service Portal Configuration), open the Page Editor.
  2. In the Select Page list, search for the page you want to apply page security to.
  3. Select the highest level node in the tree view.
  4. To make a page public, select the Public check box. All users can access pages marked as Public.
  5. To limit access to a certain role, add roles in a comma separated list. Users without the role listed can see links to the page if they appear in the portal. Trying to open the page results in a page not found error.
    Note: If you select Public and add a list of roles, the page is still accessible by any user.
  6. To create a draft page that only administrators can see while the page is still in development, select Draft. Users must have the admin role to see any pages in draft. Everyone else sees a page not found error.
Figure 1. Page with limited access by role
Doc page in the Page Editor with the admin,advanced_users,sp_admin roles entered in the Roles field