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Business Service Status widget

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Business Service Status widget

View how services are running on your system.

The Business Service Status widget pulls information from the cmdb_ci_service table. You can change where the data comes from in a cloned version of the widget by adjusting the settings in the widget server script.

Figure 1. Business Service Status widget
Business Service Status widget

Instance options

Figure 2. Business Service Status widget instance options
Instance options for the Business Service Status widget, which include the option to limit the number of services shown
Table 1. Instance option fields
Field Description
Title Name of the widget. This only appears in the header for the widget instance options, it is not user-facing. To change the title for the list of services, clone and edit the widget HTML.
Glyph Icon for the widget. This is not user-facing.
Number of Services The number of services displayed in the widget. The default number is 250.