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Service Portal announcements

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Service Portal announcements

Use announcements to broadcast messages to Service Portal users. Announcements can display in an announcement banner or an announcement widget instance.

Announcements are active on new instances. To activate announcements after upgrade, you can activate the Service Portal Announcements plugin (com.glide.service-portal.announcements).

When creating announcements, you can define the way an announcement displays.

Sort order

Announcements are displayed depending on the order defined in:

  • The glide.service_portal.announcement.default.sort_order system property. See Service Portal properties.
  • The Display First field in the announcement record.

If there is a tie between two records set to Display first, the sort order defined in the system property is honored.

Display location

Announcements can display in the following locations:

  • Announcement banner
  • Announcements widget instance

An example of an announcement banner and widget in the Service Portal.

To define the announcement display location, define the announcement type in the announcement record.

Display Style

Using display styles, you can:

  • Create a custom color scheme.
  • Change the text alignment.

The display style only applies to announcements that appear in a banner.

User criteria
If user criteria is set up for the Service Portal, you can define who can and who cannot view an announcement. Through user criteria, you can create announcements only visible to specific users, groups, roles, organizations, and more.