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Notify - call(String notifyPhoneNumber, String toPhoneNumber, GlideRecord conferenceCall)

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Notify - call(String notifyPhoneNumber, String toPhoneNumber, GlideRecord conferenceCall)

Call a number to add that number to an active conference call.

This method is intended specifically for conference calls. To initiate calls between only two participants, use the call(String notifyPhoneNumber, String toPhoneNumber) method instead.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
notifyPhoneNumber String The Notify phone number to make the call from. When you initiate a call, the outgoing call workflow for the number group associated with this number runs. Ensure this workflow includes a join conference call activity to connect the user to the conference call.
toPhoneNumber String The phone number to call. Called numbers are added to the conference call.
conferenceCall GlideRecord A GlideRecord for the Notify Call [notify_call] table identifying the conference call record. This record is automatically added to the outgoing call workflow scratchpad as the workflow.scratchpad.conference_call variable.
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
var notify = new SNC.Notify();
var from = '+14041234567';
var participants = ['+31612345678', '+31623456789', '+31687654321'];

// set up a conference call
var conferenceCall = notify.conferenceCall();

// set up the outbound calls for all conference call participants
for (var i in participants) {
    var to = participants[i];, to, conferenceCall);

// feedback
gs.log(gs.getMessage('set up a conference call with number {0} and (re)join code: {1}', 
    [ conferenceCall.getValue('number'), conferenceCall.getValue('code') ]));