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Workflow palette

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Workflow palette

The default workflow palette contains workflow activities and existing workflows you can use as subflows.

The basic workflow palette contains these tabs:
  • Workflows: Displays existing workflows and provides controls for creating new ones.
  • Core: Displays baseline workflow activities available to all systems and Orchestration activities (when Orchestration is activated).

Workflows tab

The Workflows tab lists existing workflows that you can edit or use as subflows in other workflows. Double-click a workflow to open it in the canvas. To add a workflow as a subflow, drag it to another workflow in the canvas. Click the + icon to create a new workflow.

Figure 1. Workflows tab in the palette

Core tab

The Core tab contains the standard activities available by default to all workflows and any activities purchased with Orchestration, organized by category. Click the arrow icons to expand or collapse the activity lists under each category. To add an activity to a workflow, drag it to the canvas. For more information, see Add an activity to a workflow.

Figure 2. Core tab in the palette