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Workflow performance timing

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Workflow performance timing

The workflow engine can generate detailed performance timing data that is useful for troubleshooting slow workflows.

An administrator must enable this functionality.

When workflow performance timing is enabled, the workflow engine tracks key performance data, including various execution speed metrics. The Workflow Timing [wf_workflow_timing] table stores the data, with a record for each workflow context. The workflow timing record is updated when the workflow engine completes the workflow, waits for an activity to complete, or otherwise exits the workflow execution.

Workflow estimated run time properties

Administrators can enable the collection of workflow run time metrics by setting Estimated Run Time (ERT) properties.

Administrators can use ERT metrics to determine if workflows are running longer or shorter than expected and to identify errors in workflow processing. The system displays run time metrics on the Workflow Operations Dashboard.

Enable workflow performance timing

Workflow performance timing is disabled by default. You can create a system property to enable it.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


Add a system propertywith the following specifications.
Field Value
Name glide.workflow.show_timing
Type true | false
Value true