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Pause and resume all or multiple workflows

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Pause and resume all or multiple workflows

Use Workflow Pause Group Requests to pause, or resume, groups of workflows, or all active workflows. If pausing a group of workflows, use filtering functions to select the workflows. If pausing all active workflows, select the Pause All check box to indicate that all currently active workflows should be paused.

Before you begin

Role required: Workflow_admin or workflow_publisher, workflow_creator

Install and activate the Workflow Pause Utility plugin.


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Operations > Group Pause Requests.
    Workflow Pause Group Requests appears and displays existing workflow pause group requests.
  2. Click New.
    Workflow Pause Group Request appears, and assigns a workflow pause group request ID.
  3. To pause all active workflows, select Pause All, then click Update. To pause a filtered group of active workflow contexts, skip this step.
    All currently active workflow contexts in the instance are paused until you resume them. Use Workflow pause request to monitor their status.
  4. To pause a filtered group of active workflow contexts, use the Filter field, specify the conditions for the search, then click Update.
    Workflow Pause Group Requests appears, and displays the results of the workflow group search. It assigns a workflow pause group request ID and indicates if the group is active (true = paused) or inactive (not yet paused).
  5. To update, resume or delete a specific workflow pause group request, select it.
    Workflow Pause Group Request appears, and displays the selected workflow pause group request.
  6. If the selected workflow pause group request is active (paused), and you do not want to pause it, click Do Not Pause Incoming Workflows. If the selected workflow pause group request is inactive (not yet paused), click Pause to pause it.
  7. For the paused workflow group request, use the Resume At field to specify the date and time of day at which the paused workflow contexts should resume.
    1. Click to select the date, and enter the time of day (in hours, minutes, and seconds) at which the workflow contexts should resume. You can select the current date or future date, but you must enter a time of day in the future.
      For example, to pause the workflow context group at 13:30:00 (1:30 pm), select the date from the calendar, and then enter 13, 30, and 00 into the respective Time: fields.
    2. Click when finished.
    3. The selected date and time of day appear in the Resume At field.
    4. Click OK to return to Workflow Pause Group Request.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Paused workflow contexts automatically resume on the date and time of day specified in the Resume At field. To manually resume currently paused workflow contexts:
    1. Navigate to Workflow Pause Group Requests.
    2. Select the workflow pause group request to resume.
      Workflow Pause Group Request appears.
    3. Click Resume, and then click Update.
  10. Workflow Group Pause Request also contains the following information fields.
    Table 1. Workflow group pause request form
    Field Description
    Active Indicates if workflow group is paused.
    Completed Resume Activity Count Number of resumed workflow context activities that are completed.
    Filter Standard filtering fields used to specify the conditions for selection of a group of workflow contexts.
    Log Activity work notes generated by the group pause request.
    Not Transitioned Workflow Count Number of workflow contexts that were not transitioned when the group pause request was placed. When a group pause request is placed, the affected workflow contexts are paused before start of the next activity.
    Resume Act Count Number of workflow context activities resumed after the group pause completed.
    Pause Act Count Number of paused workflow context activities.
    Requester Name Name of the person requesting the workflow context pause.
    Pause percentage Total percentage of workflow contexts that are paused.
    Resume Percentage Total percentage of workflow contexts that have resumed.
    Total Workflow Count Total number of workflows matching the specified filter conditions that are being paused.
    Paused Workflow Count Number of current paused workflow contexts.