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Workflow error tracking features

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Workflow error tracking features

Error handling provides visual cues within the workflow, such as error descriptions for activities in pop-ups, and detailed log records.


Look for an activity with a red banner, indicating that a syntax error has occurred in a script field. All activities that provide error handling, with the exception of Catalog Task and Create Task, display a red banner for this error.


Point to the activity displaying a red banner to view information about the error. A tooltip shows the State and Result of the activity and provides a brief Fault Description (except for task activities). Note that this approval continued as skipped despite the error given in the fault description. See Workflow error handling for the information available to each activity.

Execution order

Tooltip text in the Workflow Context graphical view displays the execution order of individual activities, which assists in troubleshooting.

To view the order in which a workflow activity was executed:
  1. Navigate to Workflow > Live Workflows > Active Contexts or All Contexts.
  2. Open the context you want to examine.
  3. Click Show Workflow.
  4. Hover the cursor over a finished or executing activity.

    A tooltip appears showing error data, execution time, and the order in which that activity executed in the workflow. You can use this data to help troubleshoot activities in an error state.

    Figure 1. Activity execution order
    Activity execution order

Workflow log

View the log in the Workflow Context form for more information about the syntax error in the activity. Since task activities do not display a red banner when a syntax error has occurred, you must view the log if you suspect the workflow has not run properly. Examine the error description in the log, and then inspect the script in the activity named in the log.

To view the activity by name, navigate to Workflow > Administration > Properties and enable the Log workflow debug messages property.

In this example, an SSH activity named File Read specifies an invalid MID Server.

Figure 2. Error handling log
Error handling log
If the credentials used by an activity in the workflow fail, and the activity cannot authenticate on the target, a message describing the failure appears in the Workflow Log related list. The message displays the target IP address and the credential details.
Figure 3. Credential debugging in the workflow log
Credential debugging in the workflow log