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Join workflow activity

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Join workflow activity

The Join activity unites multiple execution paths into one transition.

Use this activity to cause a workflow to wait for all activities in multiple paths to finish before continuing. If multiple concurrent workflow paths meet without a Join activity, any subsequent activities execute twice.

To add Join to the canvas, click Submit. On the canvas, connect incoming transitions from each activity you want to act as a predecessor to the Join activity. Then connect outgoing transitions to the two exit conditions: Complete and Incomplete.


Provide an Incomplete transition out of a Join whenever it is possible for any predecessor activities to follow a transition path that does not lead to the Join activity.
Table 1. Join activity results
Result Description
Complete Join exits along the Complete path when the system has determined that all predecessor activities have completed and transitioned to the Join.
Incomplete Join exits along the Incomplete path when the system determines that at least one predecessor activity completed but transitioned along a path that bypassed the Join activity.