Test the survey wizard demo

How to test the survey wizard.

  1. Navigate to Survey Wizards > All and select Software Needs Analysis.
  2. Click Try It.
  3. In the Business software you use (select all that apply) question, select: Microsoft Office, Other.
  4. Verify that the Please specify field appears and is mandatory when Other is selected (UI policy created in Dynamic Effects).
  5. Click Next.
  6. Verify that the Office panel appears.
  7. Enter test values for the questions and click Next.
  8. Verify that the End Note panel appears (the transition logic skips the Adobe Creative Suite panel when the Adobe Creative Suite check box is not selected on the first panel).
  9. Click Done.
  10. Navigate to Survey Wizards > Survey Instances.
  11. Search for and open the most recent instance of the Software Needs Analysis survey wizard.
  12. Verify that your survey answers are properly recorded.
  13. Run through several scenarios to test transition logic and data collection.
    Test survey wizard