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Workflow tables

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Workflow tables

For full flexibility, workflows store information over a number of different tables.

Usually tables containing workflow information are not edited one-by-one. Instead, use the Workflow Editor to edit workflows. The following lists are provided for reference purposes.

Table 1. Workflow tables
Table Description
Column Renderer [column_renderer] A renderer widget for a stage column. Stage renderers are written in Jelly as a UI Macro. The default is Workflow-Driven; it covers most workflow related stage scenarios.
Version [wf_versionable] Tracks different versions of element definitions [wf_element_activity].
Workflow [wf_workflow] The master records of workflows.
Workflow Context [wf_context] Individual instances of a workflow being used.
Workflow Execution [wf_workflow_execution] Synthetic "current" records for workflows that run on Global.
Workflow Instance [wf_workflow_instance] Connections of workflows to subflows.
Workflow Version [wf_workflow_version] Particular versions of a workflow, either published versions or versions that have been checked out.
Activity Designer [wf_element_activity] Custom activity definitions.
Activity Variables [wf_activity_variable] Variables for activities.
Workflow Activity [wf_activity] Activities as they are being used in workflows.
Workflow Activity Definition [wf_activity_definition] Definitions of activities that can be used in a workflow.
Workflow Executing Activity [wf_executing] Individual instances of activities being performed in active contexts.
Workflow components
Element Provider [wf_element_provider] Template definitions for custom activities.
Group approval [sysapproval_group] Group-level approvals.
Variable [item_option_new]
Workflow Condition [wf_condition] All of the defined conditions in workflows.
Workflow Element Definition [wf_element_definition] Parent table for activity definitions.
Workflow Estimated Runtime Configuration [wf_estimated_runtime_config] Runtime performance data for completed workflows.
Workflow Queued Command [wf_command] Temporary internal storage for workflows that are currently executing.
Workflow SC Variable [wf_variable] The Service Catalog variables for a workflow.
Workflow Schedule [wf_workflow_schedule] Definitions of the times to run specific workflows.
Workflow Timing [wf_workflow_timing] Timing performance data for workflows.
Workflow Transition [wf_transition] All of the defined transitions in workflows.
Workflow Activity History [wf_history] The history of executed activities.
Workflow Log Entry [wf_log] All of the events and history of the workflow.
Workflow Transition History [wf_transition_history] The history of executed transitions.
Stage Default [wf_stage_default] Definitions of default stage fields for tables to use.
Stage Set [stage_set] A named set of stages that can be used to populate workflow stages for multiple workflows.
Stage Set Entry [stage_set_entry] The stages that belong to a named stage set.
Stage Set for Table [stage_set_table] Defines a relationship of a stage set to a table so that the stage set can be used as the default stages when a new workflow is created for the table. This replaces the wf_default_stage table and is the view that shows when you click Default Stages (by table) in the menu.
Workflow Stage [wf_stage] Definitions of stages used by workflows.