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Restore a deleted record and reference

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Restore a deleted record and reference

The instance can track deletions on any table, and references on audited tables, with a few exceptions described here.

About this task

ServiceNow can track deletions on any table, and references on audited tables, except in these circumstances:
  • Record deletions are not tracked on tables with the no_audit_delete=true dictionary attribute.
  • File attachments are not restored when the record is restored.
  • References to a restored record are restored only if the reference field is on an audited table.
  • References to images using an Image type field are not restored.

To restore deleted records and references:


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Deleted Records.
  2. Open a deleted record that you want to restore.
    Note: You can only restore one deleted record and its associated references at a time.
  3. In the Audit Deleted Record form, select Restore Record and References under Related Links.
    Note: To restore the record without restoring the references, select Undelete Record
    An instructions page appears, explaining the process and its limitations.
  4. Click Restore deleted record.
    A Progress page shows the progress of the restore process, and displays a counter of the references restored.


When the process completes, a Restore Summary itemizes the changes and provides links for viewing the restored record or returning to the deleted records list.