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Use update sets for surveys and assessments

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Use update sets for surveys and assessments

Use an update set to capture changes to surveys and assessments.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin

When developing surveys and assessments, you can use an update set to capture the changes and move them from a development instance to a production instance. Once an update set is created and marked current, all of the updates to the following tables are recorded in the update set.

The following tables are now update set enabled and also extend the application file:
  • Assessment Metric Templates [asmt_template]
  • Assessment Template Definitions [asmt_template_definition]
  • Assessment Metric Definitions [asmt_metric_definition]: survey question answer options
  • Schedule [sys_trigger]: scheduled jobs associated with the survey
  • Assessment Metric Categories [asmt_metric_category]: survey categories
  • Assessment Metrics [asmt_metric]: survey questions
  • Assessment Category Users [asmt_m2m_category_user]: survey users
  • Trigger Conditions [asmt_condition]