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Types of subscriptions

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Types of subscriptions

The Subscriptions module lists all subscription types that your organization has purchased.

You allocate users only to Per-User subscriptions. Because the instance auto-allocates all other subscription types, no action is required on your part.
Table 1. Subscription types in the Subscriptions list
Subscription type Description
Capacity Your ServiceNow instance auto-allocates resources such as users, devices, software, or nodes to Capacity subscriptions. For example, resources like each CI that Discovery finds or each password reset request.
Max User Your organization purchased a subscription for the anticipated maximum number of active ServiceNow users. To monitor overall usage, the instance auto-allocates each active user up to the limit of the Max User subscription.
PA Indicator Your organization purchased a subscription for an application suite that uses Performance Analytics capabilities (for example, PA for ITSM or PA for Service Management). The PA admin creates indicators on tables that are used by the applications in the suite.
Per-User Your organization purchased a subscription for the number of fulfiller users for subscription applications and capabilities. By default, the instance can monitor and report on usage of the application by both subscribed users and users who are not subscribed.

See Overview: Allocate users to a Per-User subscription.

Unlimited ServiceNow Store apps only. Your instance auto-allocates and tracks active users to an Unlimited subscription. There is no limit to the number of users that can be allocated. An active user is any user in the sys_user table that has a user id and has the Active field set to true.