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Template post-processing fields

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Template post-processing fields

From the Post Processing form in the activity designer you can define a script to run after the activity executes.

Post-processing fields

To use the results returned by the activity, append the executionResult. prefix to these parameters.
Field Description
Output process script Script to run after the activity executes.
Variables Input variables that are available to use as building blocks in the output process script. Click the arrow above the field to open the variables list. Click an item in the tree to add it to your script in the appropriate syntax. The list displays execution results and the variables you passed into the activity on the Inputs form. All activity variables added in the Inputs form are read-only and are expressed in the post-processing script with this syntax: activityInput.variable. For parameter descriptions, refer to the table in the post-processing parameters topic for this activity.


Activity designers can add logging to the post-processing script using the ActivityLogger API, which works for scoped or global applications. Logged data from the script appears in the Workflow Log related list in the context records for any workflow that uses the activity. The Source for these messages in the workflow log is ACTIVITY.
Important: To display the debug messages in the workflow log, set the glide.workflow.log.debug property to true.
The supported messages are:
  • ActivityLogger.debug("Post Processing Log Message");
  • ("Post Processing Log Message");
  • ActivityLogger.warn ("Post Processing Log Message");
  • ActivityLogger.error("Post Processing Log Message");
Figure 1. ActivityLogger API
ActivityLogger API