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Get File List activity

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Get File List activity

The Get File List activity returns a list of files from a given directory and its subdirectories on an SFTP server (source host).

Input variables

Table 1. Get File List input variables
Variable Description
sourceHost Name or IP address of the server containing the files you want to list.
sourcePort Port number to use to communicate with the target server. The default port number is 22.
sourceDirectory Path to the target directory containing the files to list.
sourceFiles List of target files to return. This is a comma separated list that accepts wildcards, such as *.txt.
excludedFiles List of target files to exclude. This is a comma separated list that accepts wildcards, such as *.txt.
includeSubfolders True/false variable that determines if files from subfolders are included in the list. The default value for this variable is false.
sourceCredentialTag Specific credential tag this activity must use to run SSH commands on the host.

Output variables

Table 2. Get File List output variables
Variable Description
errorMessage The executionResult.errorMessages from the Activity designer parsing sources. If this variable is not null, the operation has failed. An activity can examine the error message to customize a condition. For example, if the error message contains NO_SUCH_FILE, the activity can be considered successful, depending on circumstances.
result List of requested files, returned as a JSON string.


Table 3. Get File List conditions
Condition Description
Success The activity succeeded in listing the requested files.
Failure The activity failed to list the requested files.