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Force a notification to be sent

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Force a notification to be sent

To force a notification to be sent to the specified users, enable forced delivery.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Forcing a notification means that the relevant users receive the notification, even if they have not subscribed to the notification or have turned off the subscription. In addition, the users receive the notification even if the Notification field is set to Disable.
Note: Forced delivery applies to only the primary device of the user. You cannot force a notification to be sent to secondary devices.


  1. Navigate to System Notification > Email > Notifications.
  2. Open the appropriate notification.
  3. Configure the form and add the Force delivery field.
  4. Select the Force delivery check box.
  5. Click Update.

    Unlike using the Mandatory option, forcing the delivery does not lock the user's preference or prevent the user from unsubscribing from the notification.