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Create an attribute value or action for a push message

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Create an attribute value or action for a push message

Attribute values are associated with push messages to provide a way for the message to include certain types of information in the push notification.

About this task

These push message attribute values override values that you set in an attribute definition on the Push Content form.


  1. Navigate to System Notification > Push > Push Messages.
  2. Select a message.
  3. In the Push Message Attribute Values related list, click New.
  4. Fill out the fields on the form (see table).
  5. Click Submit.
    Push Message Attribute Value form
    Table 1. Push Message Attribute Values form fields
    Field Description
    Attribute Select a push message attribute definition.
    Value/Action Enter the value for the attribute or select the push action. This field changes to Value or Action depending on the type of attribute you select in the Attribute field.

What to do next

(Optional) Create a push action to perform an action on the instance.