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Create a push application record for your custom app

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Create a push application record for your custom app

Register your customized mobile application with your instance to receive push notifications for the application.

Before you begin

The Push notification plugin must be active. The plugin is active by default, starting with the Geneva release.

Role required: admin or push_admin

About this task

Push notifications are application-specific: They are sent to one type of mobile application, regardless of how many users have this application installed. If you develop your own mobile application, you must configure it for use by creating a record for it in the Push Application [sys_push_application] table. By default, the ServiceNow mobile application is automatically set up and ready to use.


  1. Navigate to System Notification > Email > Push Application.
  2. Fill out the fields on the form (see table).
  3. Click Submit.
    Push Application form

    Table 1. Push Application form fields
    Field Description
    Display Name Enter a descriptive name for the application.
    Name Enter a descriptive name, without spaces, for the application.
    Push Select an option:
    • Direct: Send push notifications directly to the push service without going through an intermediary. If you select this option, you must specify an X.509 Certificate or a GCM API key.
    • REST API: Not applicable to custom push apps.
    • None: Do not enable push notifications for this application.
    Feedback Select an option:
    • Apple: Send push notifications directly to the APNs without going through an intermediary.
    • REST API: Not applicable to custom push apps.
    • None: Do not handle feedback for this push application.
    Apple The X.509 Certificate and Sandbox Certificate you created on the Apple notifications portal. The certificate enables a device to talk to the APNs. This option appears only if you select Direct for the Push field.
    Google Select the GCM API key you obtained from Google for the Android push notification.
    Related lists
    Push Notification Message Contents Select the message content associated with this app.
    Push Default Registrations Select the notifications that you want automatically subscribed to users who use this application. Users are subscribed to only active notifications.

What to do next

Create push message content that contains the JSON content in the push notification payload.